Research Matchmaking 2.0
Real time transparency in the scientific ecosystem for validated partner discovery
3-in-1 R&D matchmaking platform
"AcademicLabs tears down walls to enable anyone
- in academia or industry - to find the most suitable collaborators and solve their key R&D challenges."
Research partner search engine
(real-time current research activities)
Go beyond your existing network and ad hoc collaboration opportunities.

  1. Discover valuable research group partners via powerful full-text search.
  2. Evaluate research groups by their mission, current research activities, the group leader, their services (publications index added soon).
  3. Connect with the group leader or explore their website
    Build and promote your competencies
    • Raise awareness on your university's, institute's or research group's capabilities and services to attract more partners, funding (local, EU, industry‚Ķ), and valorization opportunities.
    • Facilitate internal synergy and collaboration
    Community building for R&D consortium
    Leverage the rich AcademicLabs profiles, our powerful full-text search engine, and our communication tools (Q&A, chat, collaborative writing) to create thriving R&D consortia and communities.

    Easy integration to community website means no IT required.

    R&D partner search engine

    Search and find your most suitable partners
    among 100.000+ research groups
    of the best 200+ universities in Europe.

    Search the content you need.
    Find groups, professors, research topics, publications, infrastructure, tech offers, contract research, and more!

    Powerful search to assist you in discovery of most suitable partners:
    • Full-text search
    • Advanced search operators
    • Dynamic filtering
    • Create favorite lists
    • Save searches and receive alerts
    • Search term highlighted, in search results and profile views.

    Save time, gain visibility and facilitate collaboration
    It's a tough job to successfully acquire grants, get involved in great projects, fully leverage internal assets, facilitate collaboration internally and externally and attract industry sponsors.

    AcademicLabs is the complete marketing and collaboration tool for research groups.
    Complete overview on your group
    Share a comprehensive overview on your group's:

    • mission
    • current research topics
    • team
    • expertise & research interests
    • track record (publications, patents, projects, spinoffs, collaborators, awards, etc)
    • type of research
    • consortia, communities & institutes
    • services (equipment, experiments as a service, tools, etc)
    • what you are looking for

    Minimal effort - 1 profile for everything
    Our philosophy is that you should not enter the same data over and over again for every application, tool, survey, etc.

    Automated profile enrichment

    1 profile for everything
    Use your complete and

    As professor, save time by delegating profile editing to specific or all group members.
    Collaboration tool
    Use your group's Q&A or chat to help each other out on understanding literature, designing experiments, understanding protocols, analyzing results, writing publications or project proposals, and other fun stuff.

    Setup a free community profile and bring collaborators of 2 or more groups together. Use the Q&A, chat and collaborative real-time writing tools to facilitate and fully leverage the potential of the collaboration.

    Insights on who's interested in you
    Like on LinkedIn, know who visited your profile and what they were interested at, while preserving the privacy of the visitor.
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    Global visibility for your research capabilities
    We've made it easier for you to be found. Helping you successfully acquire grants, get involved in great projects and attract industry sponsors. Saving you time on building your reputation and promoting your unique and valuable capabilities.

    AcademicLabs keeps you in the spotlight!
    Research Institute
    Create in min's a searchable overview of your institute's members, their track record, services, research activities, etc.

    Enable Q&A and chat communication among institute members or partially open for external parties.
    Enjoy a searchable, interactive and professional 1-stop-shop, both for internal matchmaking and visibility towards industry.

    Enable Q&A and chat communication within the university or partially open this for external parties.

    R&D company
    Present your company's R&D competencies, activities and services in an easy and effective way to attract new project collaborators, funding or business.

    Share what you are looking for to accelerate the process of solving your innovation and R&D challenges.

    Collaborate in communities
    Streamline R&D community building, data collection, matchmaking, and communication for your project, H2020 consortium, university institute, sectoral cluster or large topic community.
    Setup in min's
    without IT
    Use your community as public website, intranet and collaboration tool.

    Create in 3 clicks a community.
    Choose which pages are private/public.
    Invite members by email or in-app and know who to follow up with.

    As member, choose which team members, research topics, publications, services, etc. you'd like to share and list within the community.
    Powerful search &
    automated data enrichment
    Use our full text search engine to find expertise, people, research topics, publications, equipment, experimental services, etc. within your community.

    Your member's profile content is automatically listed in the community, searchable, and updated whenever their profile is updated.

    & collaborate
    "Great ideas can come from anywhere...and the world desperately needs those. The secret is in connecting them for a greater good".
    Global visibility for your expertises
    Make yourself discoverable beyond the known network of collaborators, without having to wait for publications or patents

    searchable, interactive and live tool to communicate with the industry and ask/answer question on specific needs

    Alliance creators
    find between your university and beyond ideal partners for funding collaborations such as H2020 calls and enhance a cross discipline environment

    Data analytics
    clear information on collaboration thanks to reports and real-time dashboards on parties interaction and feeds towards internal databases already in use
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